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PhotosImproving Measurement and Geometry in Elementary Schools (IMAGES) is an initiative of the Pennsylvania State Team of the Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education at Research for Better Schools (RBS).

Results from assessments such as TIMSS, NAEP, and PSSA, as well as anecdotal data from team members and the Pennsylvania Intermediate Unit curriculum coordinators, identified geometry and measurement as areas of student performance that continue to need improvement. These findings inspired the team to devote its resources and expertise to design and support a statewide K-5 professional development program that focused specifically on these areas.

This web site contains information and resources that are designed to help teachers develop a deeper understanding of geometry and measurement concepts and to assist in designing meaningful instruction for elementary students.

Special Note: The materials contained in this web site have been taken from the print version of IMAGES. This site is still under development, and as such, some of the links to references have not yet been added. Please refer to the print material for proper citations until the links in this site have been completed.



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Research for Better Schools (RBS) is a nonprofit educational research and development firm that has been serving educators in the mid-Atlantic region of Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania since 1966. Its mission is to help students achieve by supporting improvement efforts in schools and other educational programs, focusing on mathematics, science, and technology.

The Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education at RBS aims to improve school mathematics and science through its educators in the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It offers technical assistance, workshops, and conferences aimed at helping school and district staff improve student learning and achievement.